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Originally Posted by baltik View Post
I'lll gladly take a $100 rebate for the upcoming intake, 02 sims, downpipes etc
My two-cents worth [I have no interest in this, no PROcede or other tune]:

This [Baltik's suggestion] is a really good business idea for Vishnu to retain good customer relations.

Products get updated and early buyers don't normally expect to be reimbursed.
But the v2 delay is a special situation, IMO. A lot of folks waited an unusually long time for their harness. Loyal customers that have stuck with the PROcede are customers that you want to keep happy.

Kudos to Vishnu for getting a tidy v2 unit and lowering cost. fwiw, if I were buying a tune today, the PROcede is what I would get, with the stretch to a Dinan being just a bit too far now.