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Originally Posted by shiv@vishnu View Post
It's funny.. that info has been there for months and no one has complained about until now. But it's true that some of those extra input/outputs have been used up with new stuff like v2 and speed limiter defeat. Still a couple left for meth control, launch control, etc,. Both being easy to implement and just around the corner. So I will update the info accordingly. I will also increase the install time to 30-60min. But just for Sambonator Install level still stays "novice" though.

I'm not so sure about selling v1 at a lower price. Because we've taking v1 as far as we can go right now. We've offered a lower priced/lower performance PROcede in the past (PROcede dark) and just about everyone opted for the full on v2 PROcede. Not just for the extra power, but also for the enhanced flexibility. In a perfect world, it would be nice to offer a different product at every price/performance point. But that's a logistical nightmare. Just about all our development right now is being done with v2. Those who want something at a lower price/performance level can build themselves a Happy Meal or wait for our PREcede (the version we'll make in house). Leaves a pretty big gap in the middle, I know.

As for PROcede users who purchased the v2 upgrade (which now comes standard with new PROcede orders), we will think of something to do. We can't really offer a rebate like Apple. But we can certainly work out a discount program for future upgrades. No promises. But we'll see what we can do.

But keep in mind that the v2 upgrade price is still $150 to people still running v1. To get it free, one would have to purchase a whole new PROcede

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