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Originally Posted by cn555ic View Post
well ofcourse if warranty is not an issue then its all good, but if you haven't noticed alot of the community here likes to tune their cars and retain warranty...Thats the problem we are discussing..
Right... but as much as i can see that being wrongly taken advantage of, I can see the desire as well....

- HPFP dies, do i deserve greif for having tuned my car ?? NO !!
- VANOS solenoid dies.... same deal !!!!
- wastegates rattle.... same deal !!!!

So yes.. it will suck if they have an obvious way of knowing if you got to the ECU or not....

My turbos are leaking oil btw... so i ordered a set from ASR... i'm not going to hold BMW to that one, not their fault.. its mine...

It's just too bad that neither BMW OR MANY OF THEIR CUSTOMERS are honorable enough to accept responsibility for their faulty design/hardware or for their modes (depending on which side you are on)

and once the trying to deny responsibility starts to happen on one side... it's forced on the other side.... really too bad.....

I've even gone through the effort/cost to repair things (like HPFP) myself to avoid them poking at my car... to avoid potential warranty issue later... (like VANOS died 'because you have downpipes' BS) ....