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Yea usually we have no problem getting alot of cars. This time is different because it will be coldddddd and people dont like cold lol. The problem is if we don't get enough cars guess who ends up picking up the rest of the tab? We may end up getting 24 cars and only pay $100 but in the case that we dont I just want to make sure we can cover the cost. If we only get 12 cars show up I dont want a $1200 bill! Especially since I'm not even sure if my car will be ready to run yet. If everyone that is going to run 100% lets me know I can get an accurate minimum head count. Most people take paypal ahead of time for rentals

It looks like we will have to take $200 up front and at the end of the day the bill ($2400 minimum for 24 cars) will be split amongst however many cars show up and the leftover will be returned. If we hit 24 cars then everyone gets $100 back. People dont wanna come out in the colddd

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