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Originally Posted by Julesandtrish
Yes or No? Do you use a cetane or diesel cleaner additive to your fuel? If so, what brand and how often do you use it? I'll go first. Just started using Power Service diesel kleen w/ cetane boost. Plan on using it every fill up. I had SES light come on and dealer said it was carbon in the intake manifold. After using this for 200 miles, SES light went off.
Unless you have a known problem with your car or fuel, there is no reason to use an additive. I am now going strong at 430,000 miles on my diesel vehicles without a fuel related problem and no additives.

High pressure fuel pump failures have been reported in VW common rail engines but so far there is no proof any additive would have helped.

The oil companies already use additives that are specific to the base stock available.