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Originally Posted by Kirkland Sig View Post
Very nice setup. I've been looking to get the Pioneer AVH-P4400BH with the same dash kit and the Metra steering wheel interface but have been a little hesitant because of the relocation of the stock head unit and the possibility of losing some functions. Were you able to retain all steering wheel controls as well as utilize the USB and ipod connector functions in the center armrest?
I didn't have a USB in the armrest, but I'm sure you'd lose it along with the "aux" input.

However most aftermarket radios have them, and I ran two USB cables and the aux cable down the center console to the arm-rest, so I did retain that functionality, just not with the stock plugs.

The Metra Axxess interface kept all functions but the "air recirculate" button, which I believe is something that you lose when switching from the stock anyway.

If you've got the cash for the 8400bh, I'd spring for it over the 4400bh. I actually ordered both from crutchfield and made my determination by having both in the car. The 8400bh just looks a lot better because it's a higher-res panel, LED backlight, has the SD and additional USB and has the advanced App mode for iPhone. Some, of that may not matter, but the high res is notable. The low res of the 4400 stands out in my opinion.