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Lol, the more you mod the more likely it won't be a daily driver. The more power the more stuff breaks. Basically if you like your reliability now stay with it! I've modded a lot of cars and suffer from the disease, but I know its very easy to go one mod to far without realizing and you've gone from daily driver to one that never leaves town/garage queen.

My opinion the DP/SCR Gut/ETC give you very little additional power (10whp ish). But don't trade much in reliability. IF you want 425WHP, its not going to be a low maintenance daily driver with a 335d (other cars sure). A Stage II Car with all the deletes is running about 310WHP (stage 1 is about 300WHP). To hit your target of 425WHP means generating another 115 WHP, which means a ton of upgrades (BPC Stage 4). I'm not sure if anyone at that level is a daily driver, id certainly have a good relationship with the counter person at hertz or a 2nd car if you do this. I'm not really certain if there are even 20 335's at that power level out there. So you'll definitly be at the limits of what anyone can do with this car and it will be more of a rolling experiment as to what breaks next ;-)

Also this exceeds the max power handling of the drive train so the transmission and probably diff will have a short life without upgrades. Plus you'll be running meth, which needs constant attention and the pumps fail frequently. You won't be loaning this car to a girl friend, its too complex to keep running by a novice. Its kind of not a daily driver at this point.

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