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Be weary, manufacturers will not let profits go without a fight. The latest trend is that some manufacturers are now setting different buyout prices depending on who is buying it, if its the owner, then the buyout is what is agreed on the lease agreement, if its a dealership the manufacturer will most likely have a much higher buyout amount.
I don't know what others are doing or what they are charging. i am just telling you what I did. Now keep in mind I went to a Genesis dealer to do this on a Genesis vehicle. And by the way, I had told the dealer that I was going to buy and sell me car because the difference between the buyout price and market value was significant and they offered to buy it from me and provide me money on top of the buyout. I could just as well have purchased the vehicle and sold it for a good deal more than what the dealer provided me. But then I would have had to register the vehicle, pay the sales tax, and go through the hassle of selling it on my own. I was concerned that I would have to do test drives with potential buyers etc... But after I turned the vehicle over to the dealer I saw ads for services that will purchase your car at your premise. But again the problem even with this option would have been me buying out the vehicle and waiting weeks to get the title before I can then sell it.
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