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I think the first thing you need to establish is that having a gun requires a permit that has to be renewed every so often and that the gun has to be registred to that permit.
That way you can regulate it if someone is showing behaviour that is not allowed and prevent them to have guns to prevent future disasters.
For instance if someone has been hospitalized because of a suicide attempt or so, that would be the time to retract that permit. (where I live a mental health check has to be done to grant a permit and a few years ago some police commisioner didnt do his job right and granted a permit to a person that had suicidal tendencies (medical record) and that resulted in a public shooting killing 6 people, wounding 17 and then killing himself).

Another obvious one is not allowing guns to be stored loaded and having guns and ammo stored seperately in their own vault.

Third, not allowing to bear loaded arms in public. In europe we go much further, there you can only transport your (unloaded) gun to the huntingground or shooting range/gunclub or maybe a gunsmith. Wanting to transport it anywhere else reqruires a seperate permit per time you transport it.
That way you can regulate small time trafficing and regulate where a gun is legally at within society etc That someone has a permit for a gun is fine, but would you want to have that person carrying that gun near a school, playground, toy store and such? (to give an idea what you can accomplish with such an implementation)
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