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Originally Posted by Darth One View Post
lol all this bitching about the guys really think that's what won the Heat the series?

I see the guy who posted above me is from OKlahoma City...funny how he's the one to be gracious and a good sport about the outcome, while everyone else has some kind of excuse. props to OKC, that team is gonna be much better next year and they have some really great fans.
couldn't tell you if the officiating won the Heat the series or not....can't go back and make the correct calls at this point!

and i'm not a Heat hater...i liked Lebron in Cleveland...lost some respect for his sense of arrogance when moving to Miami....but i still wanted him to get at least one championship. no one can take away the fact that he'll leave the game as one of the greatest that ever played. hell i hope he gets a few more...OKC is young and they'll have plenty more chances.

congrats Heat fans!