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Originally Posted by nbkkvv5 View Post
Glad you had a good experiance with geico. But as far as I'm concerned, geico is terrible. My son (we have St Farm) was rear ended by a kid who's parents had geico. Took geico over two weeks to investigate if the kid was infact covered on parents policy. Once that was done, my son had to make an appointment with the geico adjuster (another 3 days of waiting) to estimate the damage. After that, our body shop found damage the adjuster missed and it required another 4 days of waiting for geico adjuster to come out to the body shop and authorize repairs. All in all, what should have been handled in 2 weeks took a month to get done.
I will give you another example.
I was just recently involved in an "accident" -- pulling into the parking space, half way in, a girl in the parked car next to me just opened her door and I ramed it (at <5 mph). I immediately reported the details to Geico and the very next day went on a business trip to Asia.
Two weeks later (yesterday) I returned and found a week old letter in my mail box stating that they have paid out to the other owner fo the damages I caused. Seems pretty fast, IMO. I did not agree that it was my fault, however, Geico said they will take care of them and they did.
Today, I took my car to BMW and geico wrote them a check for $2,500 to fix the bumper (cracked), hood (barely scratched) and headlight (scratches)