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Originally Posted by RimasRS View Post
Dont worry everything will be fine because wheel bearings part number are same, wheel carrier in which mounts bearing part numbers are the same and even half shaft number are same 135/335. So if it works for 335 should work on 135 just different part numbers of wheel hubs but that is I think because of different brakes

Sorry just realized that you have 335i... So for you is nothing to afraid of already few 335i cars going on that setup w/o M3 subframe so you are good to go. Just people please who is doing conversions do as much as possible pics.
I didn't get pics the first time around but can do it when I rebuild it. To be perfectly honest, all of it is bolt on except the driveshaft. I fitted the subframe and diff first, then measured the length required for the driveshaft and had it modified. Once the length was right, I bolted it up and it was done. My driveshaft is in my garage so I'll get some pics for those interested. I found that there were many shops here in the UK that specialised in modifying driveshafts including the all important balancing.