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Originally Posted by sflgator View Post
I did and so did the 2 guys in the E60 M5... ha ha. Yeah, I know, but I know other ppl can relate...that's why I posted the thread since I almost didn't believe it myself. However, when you look at the timelsips for the E60 M5s running at our local 1/4 mi. track vs. my one and only timeslip this past June (1st time at the track too! ), I'm not far off at all (except for the trap speed of course); I guess it's possible for a PROcede 335i to run with an M5 through the 1/4 mi.

My timeslip and a couple '06 E60 M5 timeslips at the same track (although different nights, different conditions...yeah, I know); Post #39...
those dragstrips clearly show how much faster the M5 is... it's 10 mph faster at the end of the 1/4

10 mph is HUGE

the overal times may be similar due to a better driver in the 335 (hey congrads to you if that's you, because the times for the 335 are close to the M5, even though the M5 was a much faster car)

on those slips, the M5 is a faster car but the 335 has a better driver