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Body Shop Taking forever to finish

It has been a month!!!

I took my 328 in to have a complete paint job done. since the car was already at the body shop, I figured why not get a spoiler for the car....which lead to a roof spoiler then a complete AC Shnitzer body kit!

I took the car in on 12/9/2010 and was told it would be no more than 10 days for everything to be painted, wet sanded, buffed out and polished.

Today we are at 3 weeks and just got a call from the body shop saying that they wanted to use double sided tape for the kit (I instructed them to use Beta Link adhesive, I had great success in the past with it) Now they need till Tuesday to get the adhesive in and start the installation.

I drove down to BMW and picked up the Beta Link tubes (3) and took them in to them and they told me they could not use material I bought because they cannot guarantee the work.

I am posting this to let everyone in So Cal know NOT TO USE Caliber Collision Center in Irvine.

It is always something with them and do not hold up what they promise.

Just Venting!!!