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Originally Posted by rogerxp View Post
My whole world is financed up to the hilt; I just can't get enough 'free' money .


I finance my cars, well I bought my current E320cdi estate for 18000 cash, but then needed to do some work on the house so financed the car at 3% above base and 13k to release some funds.

I also borrowed 100,000 to buy the remaining shares in my company 5 years ago over 15 years, and have got that down to around 18000 now, so hoping to have it paid off in no more than 2 years.

Also have a mortgage for 212,000 which was fine 2 years ago when the property was worth 350k+, but bet it is worth no more than 250k at the moment, maybe even less.

So I feel completely financed up, but hopefully in 2-3 years time that will all seem a distant memory and will have been worth the gamble.
We shall see!!