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Originally Posted by M-Steep View Post
I had the PPK 2 installed (addtional cooling via additional coolant radiator, plus power/torque bump). Cost ~$2200. I'm very happy with extra cooling capacity, and reasonably happy with power bump. Per before/after dynos, I got ~46 ft/lb increase in torque, and about 20 hp increase across the power band. But it was the cooling I was most interested in. Probably going w/ another tune eventually.

Anywho, just more data, FYI.
Interesting that you got a dyno proven 46 ft/lb increase in torque. That is substantially more than the 30. That type of to the wheels gain certainly does not hurt the cost/benefit ratio. Wonder if the N55 would see the same gains? Probably not since the consensus appears to be that the N54 responds to tuning better.

Anyway, thanks.