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Originally Posted by silverbmwz3 View Post
I know about continuous flight auger (CFA), never heard of de-frictionalised piles. I know he gets excited whenever he sees a "Rig" out and about, I just thought that was a construction thing...that and wearing cardigans

He's definitely not playing it cool - its all he's allowed (it is part of a bigger group) without putting in extra dosh. I think he wishes he'd got an e92 now.
Lot's of people on the engineering side are very 'technical'. My job involves knowing a small amount about everything.

I've learned to filter out all the 'important technical information' whilst still knowing just enough to spot that someone is bullshitting me.

De-frictionalised piles are 'sleeved' so that no load is transferred into the ground from the sides of the pile. You would use them when you are building close to existing infrastructure, which cannot be subject to any imposed load (e.g. tube lines etc.)

I'm very impressed that you know about CFA piles. Presumably your relative has explained it to you in some detail