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Sport Package/Run-Flat tire problem

I know this should probably be in the Wheels and Tire discussion forum, but considering there are usually like 2 people on it, I wanted to make sure it was seen by all.

Has anyone else had to deal with the national Bridgestone tire back-order for the Run-Flats on the 330i sport package?

Unfortunately I had 4 flat tires at the same time (I don't know what the chances of that are) and I had to pay $40/tire to get fixed. They had a hard time removing the tires and damaged two of my rims in the process :mad: . A couple of days later, my left rear tire developed a large bulge causing my car to shake violently while driving. I took it back to the tire shop and they told me it was because I hit a pothole. Considering I drive the same route every day and knowing I have not hit a pot-hole, I'm sure the damage was done during the tire removal process a couple of days before. I think they damaged the sidewalls in the process.

Well, I have no choice but to replace the tire since they refused to pay for it or give me a deal on the tire saying it was my fault I hit a pothole (which I didn't).

The problem is, there is a nationwide back-order and there's no telling when the tire will be available. I've contacted 6 local tire shops, my dealer, and Tire Rack. No tires are available and I was told there is a nationwide back-order.

Apparently, there are no other run-flat models available for the rear of my car either.

Considering the car has no spare or jack and a runflat being a safer tire, I don't want anything other than a run-flat considering the car was designed for them.

I want to see if anyone else is in the same boat. Paying for technology on the car, that no matter what, I can't use right now when I need a new tire. I'm going to have to borrow my grandfathers 84 Buick for who knows how many weeks until I get a replacement tire (I know...wah, wah, wah...)

I know many people have switched to non-runflats, but I have come to appreciate the fact that in case of a blow-out or flat tire at high speeds, I can control my car and not risk possible loss of control.

I just think it sucks that BMW, after giving a tire manufacturer a contract to supply their cars with tires, didn't require them to provide sufficient spare parts. I hope they catch up on production by the time the real demand for tires comes. I have 24k miles on my car and I know I'm requiring new tires earlier than the average time, but the demand is sure to increase in the following months.

Thanks for letting me rant. Any suggestions?