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Originally Posted by Mauricio
I had no choice but to deal with a local tire shop because the dealer told me they do not patch Run-Flat tires. They told me to buy new tires! Considering they cost $350 a piece at the dealer and they are not in stock, I had no choice. They said it just like that..."Sorry man, you need to buy new tires".
Like it's that easy to spend $1600 when I get flats. Unbelievable.

I think if BMW is going to provide us with these tires, at least make the necessary improvements to the service department to fix flat tires. They are pretty common, and for them to simply tell you "buy new tires"? That just sucks.
If the tire shop is run flat certified, they should have known what to do.

Also, you can only repair the tires if you haven´t driven on them with no air in them. If you drove on them when they had no air, they cannot be repaired
and a certified RF shop can determine this.
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