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Originally Posted by Vivek. View Post
Yup I just found those. May pull the trigger. I have a pair of 265/35 RE71R's (seemingly discontinued now) that I bought new last year and only had like one day on em so they're in great condition. May use those temporarily....I was/am so disappointed to see R888R discontinued their 275/30...

I don't think 245/35 would fit the front. 235/35 rubs slightly with these wheels (437M)

I have a pair of 245/35 RE71R's from the same set as the rear 265/35, so it would only be a $60 or so ordeal to see if that size will fit the front.
Hmm, never had issues with 437m. I have 255/35/19 and only on extreme compression with turning to I get rubbing on the wheel well. 245/35/19 seems to be fine. Rear needs a roll then up to 275/35/19 fits more than fine. Height adjusters are available in multiple forms.
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