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***World's first E90 HID Reverse Light Retrofit!***

For those who know me, know that I’ve been playing around with the E9x platform for quite some time. I’m an expert on electrical and coding work for all of the e9x chassis’s, providing only the best to the community.

Today I just want to share with you one of my recent projects, as per discussed on this thread:

I want to introduce to you the world’s first HID reverse light retrofit on an E90, to my knowledge it has never been done before. You may ask why did I do this mod? Simple, to increase safety and visibility when reversing. The E90 reverse lights are so dim… when you have tinted windows, you can’t even see the original reverse lights!

It is direct plug and play; just some simple wire tapping was done. As always it is non-flickering and error-free. I did not need error cancelers of any sort, just some custom coding was done. I will post videos shortly, however for now you can enjoy the photos I have taken earlier this evening.

Right now it is only in phase 1, phase 2 will include a simple switch will allow you to turn them on even when you’re not reversing. Nothing has been mounted down yet, but you get the point. Unfortunately the pictures don't justify how bright the reverse lights are, but from what I see when reversing it looks like I've got headlights on the back of my car!

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