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Originally Posted by oncdoc View Post
Hi i am really frustrated.

I have the sports coupe 07 and less than 10 thousand miles. My car has gone in potholes and comes out with a flat. Fun flat tires has saved me nut not my wallet. I have changed now 4 tires and 4 wheels with 4 alignments. I am not joking. I am actually looking to get rid of the coupe now because of this ongoing expensive problem.

Please advise. Do I have any options? would the sedan handle pot holes better?
well first off if u bought the warranty you wouldnt be paying anything right now
and heres the thing. DOnt Drive in pot Holes???? I mean go around them. Slow down or even stop on a road if u know theres a pothole and its busy and go around.
change your driving habits. i think thats the problem No one else has had troubles with this. so its the roads and ur driving that are the problem.