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Originally Posted by FirstClass View Post
Maybe, but that's a hard generalization to make. Evo launches are like rockets but their power once they get moving leaves something to be desired. Theres only so much you can do with AWD and a 4 cylinder.

And I'd have to say the EVO driver stinks to all h3ll at driving.
For a lightly modded 335i to pull 2 CL's on a modded EVO in a very short 30-85 mph race (takes what 5 seconds) means the EVO driver just sucks or started in a wrong gear.
They aren't too fast once rolling, but surely not so slow as to lose to a chipped 335i by 2 CL's in 5 seconds!

There's no doubt the chipped 335i (PROcede or AA Xede) runs in
the high 12's on a good track at sea level though.