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Originally Posted by PeterM1 View Post
Of course, who else can come up with another unique track situation
Since you haven't mentioned 30FF before, it's fair to assume it's specifically tied to your JB+ implementation. Glad to see you didn't lose power, very odd though. Did you by any chance try to dial-it down and see if 30FF reoccurs?

My next event is in Sep but the car is running like crap after the last limp mode, getting several parts replaced before I can go out there again.

Nice ambient temps by the way for August!
The 30FF is happening because I did not do the solenoid bypass. In the old software you could go as much as 50% before the ecu got wise. With this latest software (ISTA version 32.2) it seems to recognize it, even at the default setting. The solenoid bypass is an easy mod. JB+/SSTT is really good for you if you in case you start throwing codes, and are ok on oil/coolant temps, and want to finish the sessions without power loss. I think you can easily slap it on top of any other tune you have.

What parts are you getting replaced?