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Originally Posted by PeterM1 View Post
HPFP, o2 sensor, DMTL pump, fuel sensor, all plugs and 2 injectors, so far. And the car still runs like crap.

Typically I've had one major thing fail at a time but the last scan read like a shopping list, cyl 5/6 misfires, HPFP errors, intake valve errors etc. What bugs me is that the original HPFP was flawless for 40,000 miles but I let them replace it as part of the recall, have had 2 pumps fail on me since then.

Gearing up for a Sep and an Oct event and I'm done for the year. Thinking of coming back to the track next year or at most the year after, with a dedicated track car. Just need to mentally reconcile what I can afford vs. what I want for a track car. Either way, no more 335i upgrades.
PeterM1, I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. Some of our cars, are code throwing queens, from hell. I don't mean to be a dick, but I feel that your procede tune may have caused those problems. Procede, and JB4 are know to cause a lot of those issues.

I can't lie though, because right now I'm going back and forth between staying with my car, and ditching it for an E46 M3.