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Hi Fraser,

I can see your replacement was sent on Friday for next day tracked delivery. We can't control Royal Mail unfortunately, with it being bank holiday it seems they have been delayed. Not in our control sadly.

If you have already emailed us you will get a response from the office when the are reopen on Tuesday. We are closed on weekends.

Understand the incorrect ones were sent to you, apologies about that. Correct ones have been sent, along with offer to reimburse original shipping costs and also return shipping costs for the ones which have been damaged by the alterations you made.

Please continue to liaise with the guys in the office an they will help you.


Horizon Forum Team
Thanks but I think I am well within my rights to ask for my shipping to be reinbursed after I paid extra for the 1-2 day delivery and waited almost a full week for the WRONG bulbs to arrive... again not my fault. And the fact i had to adapt them was due to the car being in bits and not wanting to pull it back apart another 2 times due to the errors you have made.

It seems like I am not the only one to be waiting at least this time for bulbs which makes me think you do not have them in stock and are ordering them from another company.

I think that your communication and customer service could do with some work and I look forward to receiving my correct bulbs tomorrow.

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