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Originally Posted by JohnMan View Post
I'm more concerned with how long this joint-venture can last. BMW and Toyota have quite different corporate cultures and this is often a big stumbling block. Volkswagen and Suzuki had an agreement for example, one that is falling apart as we speak. I think Honda would have made a better partner. Since Honda has an entreprenuerial spirit focusing on innovation and advanced technology, something which BMW also aspires for. Whereas Toyota has always been more bureaucratic and stuffy, those things are not well suited to the sort of horizontal management that BMW practices.
I think BMW was more focused on Toyota's hybrid technology more than anything. Honda might be better overall in terms of technology but I don't think BMW was looking at that. I don't know why BMW won't ship more diesels over here. I don't know the cost of of diesel vs hybrid but I'd imagine they're in the same ballpark, if not diesel being less expensive. But I guess with North America's infatuation with hybrid's, this is BMW just capitalizing on the hybrid market already being strong in petrol and diesel.

I don't see how this could end up bad for BMW and I can't wait to see what comes out of this agreement. Maybe in the future, I can skip a 3er and just go straight for a Corolla/Camry with a BMW engine, the money I can save...

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+1 So funny how some people reason.

and anyway, BMW was already sharing engines with Peugeot (mini 1.6l turbo)
A great engine will still be a great engine. In a cooperation there is more know how and more budget available, so it should even lead to better things.
And no way I would want to change a BMW diesel for a Merc diesel.
Amazing engine and having leased an Echo/Yaris, the 1.6L engine in the MINI is much more efficient.