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Originally Posted by aroraa View Post
Originally Posted by colorado.e9x View Post will list every oem part for your car. You can put in your serial number (last 7 digits of your vin) and search by your specific vin.

For this particular part# you would search "front shock absorber" or something of that nature. Based off the information you have me I searched the model and found this part# 31316786001

I'd double check it though. Otherwise if you want something close to stock msport height (maybe a tad lower and a little bit stiffer if that works for you) then Bilstein B6s will probably work just fine.
Thanks for your reply.

I have done the search and this is the part list that I came up with:

My mechanic has ordered Bilstein with part number: 22-136572 for the front left. A quick google search tells me that it is a BILSTEIN - B4 OE Replacement?

What is the difference between a B6 and a B4?
Definitely replace shocks in pairs, and if you can help it the mounting hardware too. I believe B4s are an oe replacement for non sport suspensions and B6 are for sport suspension. Don't quote me on that, I'd research here in the forums too. There's many threads comparing the two as well as B8s.
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