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So I would like to note that I am driving with 225/55/17 in the front and 235/55/17 in the back. I noticed one tire was low on air-filled it back to spec. I then went for a test drive and the drive was 100x better, not perfect, but better. I updated the software for the Transmission and reset it to relearn my driving. Accelerating, its perfect 98% of the time. I do get that rare odd clunk. But most noticably any high tourque now above 2300-2500 rpm, i get the traction control light flashing and the car steering pushes to the right. I should have mentioned this in my first post but i did change all 4 tires about 2 months ago. My brother was also mentioniong how senative the AWD system on BMWs are. The sticker on my car says it came with 250/50/18 on all 4, im currently driving one size wider in the back and the front and back are 2 differant brands. I was previously driving with 255/40/20 before with no problems at all for 2 years. Could this all be a tire problem?