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Coolant Loss - Driver's Side Near Radiator

Hey Everyone,

I recently experienced a large amount of steam coming from under the hood while I was driving. Luckily I was near my house so I made it back to my garage and popped the hood to find the steam coming from the drivers side upper radiator. I know these cars have multiple failure points in the cooling system so i wanted to get some advice.

I inspected the tube discussed in this thread:
I dont believe thats the issue in my case.

I attempted to locate where the leak was coming from and it seems to be from where the radiator and radiator bracket meet. This is where I saw coolant running down the radiator bracket. See attached picture to see exactly where I think the coolant leak is.

Is it possible this is the source? Can I replace the radiator bracket without replacing the radiator?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I should also mention, My car is a 2011 135, N55. I chose to post here as the exposure is much greater and I know the components and failure points are nearly identical.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: After looking at the part diagram further, the component that may be leaking could be directly attached to the radiator so maybe my only fix is a radiator replacement?
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