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Originally Posted by old grey steve View Post
If you have guide issues youíll be replacing the guides all the bolts plus bottom sprocket crank bolt I would 100% as we do replace the oil pickup unit that connects to the oil pump plus donít clean but replace the vanos solenoids timing of course would have to be undertaken but when done right when all the key parts bolts and timing is done when bolted back together the car goes on without any drama, we have seen guide jobs done more basically only replacing the basics only to once again have issues re oil pressure or chain related issue once again we cleared vanos solenoids before to help keep costs down after all the are £85+VAT each trouble is itís not always long term successful and you could compromise the adjusters and at £316+VAT each the solenoids are the better option
Which bolts are you recommending are replaced? I'm looking here on RealOEM:

I'm thinking numbers 15 and then not sure, any help appreciated.