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Originally Posted by matt981gr View Post
oh yeah i saw your photos from the previous posts, it still sticks out a little but i guess this is as good as it can be, right?

Does anyone has installed a reverse camera? Any tips and diagram? i read you cannot just connected to the reverse light because it doesn't provide enough voltage...
I've installed a reverse camera which works well with the existing beeper and the head unit.

Yes, I couldn't get it to work from the reverse lights, so I found an ignition live on the fuse box and ran a live from there back to the camera. I fitted one of the cameras that are part of the boot catch and that look like it was OEM.

I made sure that I ran the wires into the boot lid so that if the camera dies I just need to buy another an dplug it in. Did this because it was really tight getting wires thrugh the rubber into the boot lid and don't want to have to do that again.