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Originally Posted by Tambohamilton View Post
Here's a handy site, though it's by no means exhaustive:
Would be a useful site if it was up to date enough to include the tyres we are discussing. It still rates the Avon ZV5 which has not been available for a couple of years but the ZV7 is not listed and neither is the Goodyear Assy5 just the 3.

Fine if you just blindly buy PS4's because they have been good previously but other brands develop. I remember when Yokohama were the go to brand for performance tyres but you rarely see them mentioned these days!

Unfortunately, everyone has their own favourites so it is unlikely to get agreement. Personally I would not pay Michelin prices but then again my last set of Avons lasted 8 years! I understand it can be an expensive mistake to make but then if you are a high mileage driver changes shall be more frequent and any of the known brands will probably be acceptable.