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Originally Posted by Tambohamilton View Post
Maybe the egr cooler is broken then, so you're getting water injection for free currently, haha.

If its using water though, and it's not mixing with the oil or dropping it on the ground, the options are head gasket or egr cooler, I think.

If it's using oil but not dropping it or mixing with water, options are turbo, valve stem seals, CCV, or rings/bores.... I think.

Given your symptoms, my money is on turbo for the oil, and egr cooler for the water. But don't bank on either of those!
It's not the EGR cooler, I came up with this rather ingenious EGR cooler tester which was hard to explain to the misses

Turbo, it was renewed not that long ago by Best Turbos and it's still in warranty, I checked for shaft play but there's none other than the normal floating bearing movement.

I'm probably going to have a look at the cylinder head connector fpr the coolant leak, it's located under the intake manifold and bolts onto the cylinder head. This makes it very hard to see and it will burn off on the block, I did buy a new one with a new gasket but I did remove it again to fix the glow plug controller so I suppose there's a possibility it may be leaking but I did torque to spec so it would be strange but that's all I can think of.

With seeing the white smoke though I do think it may be going through the exhaust.. I wonder if the oil filter gasket could be a potential culprit as that separates oil and coolant