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Originally Posted by Nadir Point View Post
I might consider running that CCV to a catch can for awhile, just to see what happens. Bet that's where you find ur missing oil. Get a real catch can. You can find these on Amazon for around 30 bucks. Avoid the OEM real version for >$100. The knockoffs are nearly identical in both form and function.
Thanks, ironically a chap I was speaking to on YouTube said the exact same thing this morning as we both lose oil and both our filters got clogged pretty quick. But this is the issue I have as I've came across the catch can scenario a couple of years ago and that's people fabricating their own CCV plate and creating elbow joints etc, I haven't got a clue how I'd go about doing that. and the threads I did see of people doing this was created a long time ago so I overlooked a catch can install for the time being.

I'll have to start looking into this a bit more. it's going to be a lot quicker than pulling the engine for a rebuild while reading countless newtis documents haha. So the provent 200 is old but still appears to be mentioned even now, is this a good route to go down? Another thing I remember reading was a chap saying the CC pressure was an issue and he used some huge 1" pipes, it looked like another cooling pipe lol.

And also, I just thought will these filters last long? it took probably 2 months to clog the OEM filter before it started to increase pressure so I'm curious if this would cope better?