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Originally Posted by robnitro View Post
I'm confused, I thought you only had oil consumption. Now coolant too?

The loo filter clearly is a problem and will get worse in comparison at high loads high flow.

Idle/light driving smoke can still be rings, there's a set that handles low pressure and high pressure. Are you sure that at idle and low loads the throttle valve is staying open? If it shuts due to crap egr delete, you get vacuum in the cyls which on a diesel will cause oil to go past rings since they don't usually have rings to handle vacuum.
The coolant side of things is only something I noticed not so long ago, the coolant seems to drop very slowly but I haven't had a good look down at the cylinder head connector which is something I removed to fix the glow plug controller so there's a possibility it's seeping from there but I'll have it have a look.

As for the throttle valve, how can I check this while driving? I've got everything from INPA, ISTA+, Carly so if it can be monitored that way I could do it but I'm not sure how to. I have no idea who did the map but I know the air mass reads higher in INPA if that has any relevancy (40 seconds in video)