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Originally Posted by MrSweet1991 View Post
I'll have to go through my posts because there was a chap who had a 330D pre lci with an unbelievably low amount of miles, like barely broke in haha. I'll have to see if he could do a test if I find the post out. Very intrigued to see your results. I took a video yesterday of me booting it up a hill to capture the clouds of smoke and just my luck it pulled perfectly with a little puff of black haha.
Haha typical! After you gave it a boot, did you take off the intake pipe to see how much oil was in the breather pipe?

Least you get a tiny bit of black smoke, Iím getting trials of the spot at the moment. Itís better when the egr is disconnected. If I can resolve the blue smoke then Iíll get it mapped out.

Any videos of your blue smoke at idle? Or when warming up?

Have you tried with the maf unplugged?