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Originally Posted by MrSweet1991 View Post
To be honest mate, lately I've not seen much blue smoke. Usually I would see it I let the car idle for long periods or leave it to idle and then rev the car. One thing for sure though is, despite it not smoking bad at all the oil continues to burn 1 litre per month

I'll search and upload some older videos if I find them, and no I didn't check the pipe after booting it but the CCV Filter getting clogged in like 2 months says everything. BMW Doctor on YouTube is absolutely certain all of this is CCV related, get vortex and if that don't work clean the CCV valve which to me is confusing.. What can I spray down there that's okay to go through the turbo, intencooler EGR etc etc I wish I knew all this before because I would have jet washed the bloody valve cover when I had it off lol
Haha! Good tip, Iíll give mine a good clean next weekend. I donít even know how much oil I am burning as I have no flat areas to check it on a regular. So when I get a chance and itís flat I take it. But I did about half a litre a few months ago. However, I donít do huge miles anymore, so maybe Iíd burn more with more miles. Will be a good 150 mile journey next weekend and itís flat whereís Iíll be doing my car so can check it a few times. It was filled last weekend with the turbo replacement.

I just did the maf trick and my blue smoke reduced a lot, but itís still there. So confused!