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Originally Posted by Serf27 View Post
Hmm. I’m talking about this.
$250 for the kit. Only thing needed after that is to find someone to shave down the gears inside a diff a little bit.
Cheaper lsd option.
It seems like it's not easy to have the gears ground for less than a few hundred dollars, apparently. Also, this one if for the 215L diff - isn't that the 335i diff size? I looked on their site for a 188 fitment but didn't see it...

Originally Posted by E91WAG3N View Post
Ebay special that requires shaving the gears down? I think I'll pass.

I love my car and with $30K+ invested and I'm not about to start cutting corners. The last thing I need is for my rear end to lock up and push my car into a guard rail.
I normally might agree, but this is a bit better than the old Honda version of this that was complete garbage. Check out Vehicular DIY on YouTube - he does a very good install/review wrt this.

Still pretty new product tho, so who knows. Touche about the guard rail - hadn't thought about that.