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Exclamation help please: iDrive system died, nothing on screen, SOS, can't eject CD/DVD, 0 life

Hi every body,

2007 335i Coupe, sport package, 12/2006 build date, ~94k miles, USA build car now in Canada

need some help please

just the other day my iDrive system decided to die completely, SOS warning on my dash board, 0 signs of life from the iDrive screen, knob spins freely, I can't even eject the CD/DVD.

I have already tried the reset procedure (holding all 3 buttons pushed in) 0 results

I tried unhooking the battery negative cable for 20 mins, 0 results

I tried unhooking the battery negative cable for 8 hours, 0 results

I have looked for blown fuses, 0 results

Took the car into BMW, they said the system has not been updated in 3 years. They want to charge me $600+tax for 4 hours of programming and they aren't even sure if that will bring the system back to life.

If it doesn't I'm sure the charge for a new unit installed + programmed will be somewhere in the range of $2000?

My main question is, what are the odds of just the programming fixing the system? my guess is 0%.. why would out-of-date programming just cause it to suddenly fail...

My other question is, what are my other options? I am perfectly capable of installing a new unit myself if I could source one from somewhere, but have 0 experience for the actual programming part of the install.

not really interested in upgrading to a CIC unit, just want to get my damn radio working again mainly.... so boring without one.

I have had the car since September, it came with a 2007 maps disc in the drive when I bought it, about a month prior to failure I downloaded & burnt 2014 maps discs from a torrent website, and to my surprise they worked with no need for an FSC code or anything, worked as soon as I inserted the DVD, I burnt it on 4x speed. not sure if this could be related to the failure or not...

thanks guys, I'm at a loss of where to start with this one...

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