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Hey guys so i think i want to get into coding. Im really good with this type of stuff so i feel like i can pick it up fairly quick. The main reason im doing this is to add sirius to my VO and have it show up on my iDrive.

I know, i know..this question has been beaten to death. I've searched and searched and pretty much found the answers i needed but thought i'd post here to get some direct help just to make sure im not messing anything up.

After searching for a while, i now know that i have to add $655 and remove $693 from the CAS and FRM and then "process car". It doesn't sound that bad. Do i have to set anything as active? or am i all set after i do that. There was so much different answers floating around that i just decided to post here and see what people have to say.

Also..i still have yet to buy the cable because im not 100% sure which cable i should buy. All the ones i find on ebay are for BMWs up to 03/08 production date.

The sirius module i bought is the p/n 65129192273

i drive an e92 09 335xi

any help is much appreciated

Edit: does it matter what sirius module I code into my car? As long as its compatible with my car correct?
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