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Originally Posted by yEBMW View Post
I have a pre-lci and I have lci ahl xenon's also but I can't find any diy's on how to wire it. Can you send me what you have please so. I guess I should get this cable too. Where did you get yours from. I think I have seen them on ebay. So I should get the ahl modules if I am going to do this right. 2x these right: ALC modules

Sorry I wasn't clear enough. I thought everyone knew and thus the thread stopped. I was actually not able to find the cable online (I did find the ALC cable for some other cars tho, hehe).

I simply looked at the official retrofit guide from BMW, and from the wiring diagram it's clear how to make the wires myself. I haven't made it yet, but it should be straightforward to make. And comparing the wiring diagrams, the ALC connection is exactly the same in prelci and lci, so only the xenon wiring is a bit different.

The ALC modules look correct, same as what I got. I have read though that some of the used modules cannot be reprogrammed? Not sure, I'm still waiting for my parts to arrive so can't say more on that. I'm also not exactly sure what to do to reprogram those - seems to me just coding the car to the correct VOs, and then SG_CODIEREN the new FRM, should do the trick.

I'm actually a bit baffled as to why the others have choose to go through trial and error, and tribal knowledge, instead of trying to follow the official guides. I just don't see a post here that clearly lists what to do

Right now, the last mystery left, which carlosalbertogui is helping me sort out, is the prelci xenon to lci xenon retrofit cable, for which there are no official instructions (that I can find). Carlos said that the cable looks like this:

Originally Posted by carlosalbertogui
two pins X13420 left*
color of the cables
color blue / black (BL/SW) and the other grey/yellow* (GR/GE)

two pins X13421 right*
color of the cables
color green / black (GN/SW) and the other grey/violet (GR/VI)

in the other end all the four cables to connect to footwell module
dont now where
Comparing the wiring diagrams of prelci xenon vs lci xenon, and looking at the cable colors, I wasn't able to get anywhere. But he seems to have it figured out. Will update if I know more.

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