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I don't have xenons yet, I have prelci halogens right now, looking to convert to lci ahl xenons. I got almost all the parts now. Who knows, I might actually sell my car first and list the xenon parts for sale

Let me make this clearer.

First, the wire that the OP listed, 61122149448, is not for AHL. It's apparently for converting from prelci xenon to lci xenon, but exactly how to connect it is what I'm trying to figure out now. Best guess now is it has to do with the shutter and the 3LED side markers.

Second, the wire that I was talking about, 61120404040, is indeed for the AHL, and is the same for prelci vs lci. I cannot find this wire online and intend to make my own. The official retrofit guide shows how to wire this - you need to get the pins from the dealer and wire it up. I'll let you know when I get the wires and pins, I not exactly sure which ones so I ordered all of them.

Third, in the most recent discussions, I was talking about the first cable again, the prelci xenon to lci xenon cable

If only you were closer to the bay area, then we can work on this together