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If their paths had crossed in a brightly lit convenience store, I don't think Zimmerman would have feared him. By fear I presume you mean "suspected him". He did "fear" him later when he was being assaulting by him.

It's the fact Zimmerman observed him walking in the dark, in the rain and appeared to be scouting the neighborhood. You don't need to be black to look suspicious. If he had been dressed in his church clothes instead of a hoody and heading back home like someone caught in the rain instead of casually walking through it, we wouldn't be talking about this.

He profiled him because what he was wearing and what he was doing. He could have been mexican, asian, white, etc. There's no racial limitations on punks. All races have them. You see someone out aimlessly looking around like they don't belong, you start to look out for trouble.

I'm not saying TM was a punk (he could have been, I don't know and don't care). What I'm saying is that Zimmerman was biased against punks (not blacks). People who vandalize, rob, etc. This is what he didn't like and the only evidence we have supports this.

When I become suspicious of someone, their skin doesn't play anywhere near as big a part as their demeanor, clothes, behavior, body language etc.

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