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Originally Posted by Team Plutonium View Post
I gotta ask the folks who carry concealed... where on earth do you guys live? Some of these hypothetical scenarios like I'm out getting ice cream with the wife and I encounter drunken dudes who ask for trouble, how do you even come up with this? I have no problems with gun ownership, but some of the reasons to conceal carry are so far fetched IMHO. I have two tours in Somalia under my belt, and I'm pretty confident that I can handle a bunch of drunken dudes, but not if everybody starts packing heat.

I believe in standing your ground and self defense, and I also believe in walking away, but outside the military I never felt the need to carry a firearm.

Well, personally my gun has saved me from a group of three attackers (one who was carrying a tire iron) once before (thankfully pulling the gun scared them off and I didn't have to shoot). Another time I was almost robbed while showing my motorcycle to a guy who called me after I put a for sale add for it in the paper.

There are many times when you may need a gun to defend yourself, just look at all of the robbery/rape/murder victims in this country each year. I also encourage all of the women in my life to carry guns for protection, obviously women are often preyed upon, and the ability to be armed gives them a chance against a larger and stronger attacker.

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