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Originally Posted by beauforty
Simon, a friend of mine who's a whizz with computers is going to help me with this at the weekend. I've got the older Nav disc (took delivery June 05), is it possible for you to upload the files needed so all I have to do is copy and burn?


I think you are going to have to create the files yourself as they are slightly different for the older disc than for the one I have, because mine has more POI categories.

This means you will need a text editor prog and cygwin to run the perl script.

Trust me - it is MUCH easier than it sounds - just follow the instructions here:

The instructions are excellent - just 2 things to note that I thought were not totally clear:

In step 7 - for the TPD-SEV files the values for .idx and .url entries should be the same as the files you create in step 12. Just add 1 to the highest file number that you have. So if you have 00097.idx - it's 00098.idx

Also when downloading cygwin - you need to read carefully to make sure that you select the 'perl' elements and make sure you install it to the directory suggested in the instructions.

I'll send you a PM about the text editor