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Originally Posted by kennychopra17 View Post
I also did notice a slight power loss of power at the low -to mid rpm range, but maybe its in my head, or maybe it was due to higher ambient temps, higher humidity (turbos not spooling as fast), etc. Not really sure what to think at this point. In the mean time, I have plugged it back in. Performance is more important to me personally that sound. But thats just my .02.
I think it's in your head. I don't see how the turbos will spool up slower if you have better exhaust output, meaning, both exhausts open vs just one. That just doesn't make sense. If you look at after market exhausts, they don't have the valve at all and have better output, they actually increase hose power slightly. Racecars just have straight pipes no valves. Check this out

however just opening up the flap you will not see as much gain as the above. Maybe guessing 1 HP increase but the sound rocks, I love it.