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Loving the credits

Re: the Sub, sounds quite crackly, but guess that's most probably my monitor speakers so this comment can be dicarded.

I do feel that JL products are overpriced and overrated - sometimes. A lot of people say FI subs or RE subs are better pound for pound but because JL have marketed their products better they seem to really have the word spread. Its like you say, the major player, i.e Apple.

I am sure there is a better sub that ticks the box for better SQ or SPL etc like for like, compared tot he JL W7 but is just not as well known to the mainstream audience.

I'm guilty of mainstream as I also plan on a JL however I think if you can time align, phase correctly and tune the entire system to run smoothly, almost any sub will deliver similar notes whether it be from JL or FI or Orion.

Nonetheless, looking good! A great video and some good asian moojik
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