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Originally Posted by AWBimmer View Post

Loving the credits

Re: the Sub, sounds quite crackly, but guess that's most probably my monitor speakers so this comment can be dicarded.
You are correct there. If you wacth the video again, you will see some screws on the left hand side tray which are dancing there and hence cracking sound.

Originally Posted by AWBimmer View Post
I do feel that JL products are overpriced and overrated - sometimes. A lot of people say FI subs or RE subs are better pound for pound but because JL have marketed their products better they seem to really have the word spread. Its like you say, the major player, i.e Apple.
Funny enough, I have been offered FI, RE and Hifonic subs today. I am already looking to replace it as I have heard better SQ subs than this.
He is one of my frined and he insisted that FI subs are far better than JL subs.

Originally Posted by mistryn View Post
Just a thought have you tried moving the box around in the boot to see difference?
back in my audio days (I am sounding old lol) have you tried putting cotton wadding/foam inside the box to help lessen the boomy'ness of the sub?

great vid btw, as above you will need to run the sub in before you make a final review
I have moved the sub in different directions. Best sound for driver is, when you head the sub toward the front.

I will try to stick cotton sheet to rear wall of the box and hope that helps.
Thanks for the idea

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