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Originally Posted by mob17 View Post
The problem with most BMW boots is that they are sealed. Putting a box in the boot is not a great idea, its like putting a box in a bigger box. Sound waves will just reflect and bounce back off the sides and cancel each other out (maybe explains your lack of perceived output). This will also cause a lot of rattle.
Very well said. That is whats happening here.

Originally Posted by mob17 View Post
To minimise rattle and get an improved output the best 2 options are:

1) For a sub that requires a larger enclosure volume than what's available in the corner, an IB installl through the ski hatch will work well.
Not applicable in saloons, I guess. And I don't want to go down the Dubai's route of fitting it.

Originally Posted by mob17 View Post
2) For a sub that requires an enclosure volume that is available in the corner, and if you can be bothered to make one/buy one, then a corner enclosure would work well. Apparently this method doubles the perceived output of the sub. Not sure why but that's what Kaigoss says.
Not possible to have corner enclosure for this sub. Depth alone is 8.5-9.5 inches and that means I have to build corner enclosre which is protruding out from the rest of the corner. (2 inch gap behind the magnet)

Also the amount of air it dissipates, I can see that theoretically corner enclosure would be a total failure. Unless if I want to see my fuel filler door mechanism failing soon.

I guess corner enclosure is better for those having W6 or W3.

And other people on states side are using underseat as mid bass drivers and hence their perception of trunk sub is clearer to mine. I have SWS-8s which can play as low as 40-50Hz. So bass from those are much clearer and closer compared to the trunk sub.

Originally Posted by mob17 View Post

Having said that I hope your issue is a configuration one and you manage to sort it out.
You may be correct there. I have not played with equiliser settings on the amp, and TBH do not want to play with that.

Originally Posted by mob17 View Post
If not try another sub!
I may be able to get better SQ with different sub, but sound waves will be bouncing back more in the trunk, leaving distorted sound.

Originally Posted by mob17 View Post
Edit: No matter how much you Dynamat the boot, the rattle will still be there unfortunately with your set up
Cannot comment on this unless I try that. Least it can reduce the vibration of rear number plate.